My daughter and I highly recommend the Golden Glow Juice and the Funky Monkey smoothie! They are by far the best juice and smoothie we have ever had!

– Kathleen K

I have tried cold pressed juices in the past and always had a hard time getting them down. Little Apple Café’s juices are very different than anything I’ve ever had. I did Holly’s Core Cleanse and I had zero issues with the juices. I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful they tasted. I plan on incorporating her juices into my diet.


– Valerie E

Quaint place in the Village of Woodstock with the best smoothies around. After a few visits my favorite has become the Funky Monkey which incorporates bananas, hemp milk, chocolate protein and peanut butter. So delicious. Worth a stop for a bite to eat, a delicious smoothie or a fresh squeezed juice!


– Marissa

Cheers to Little Apple, their juices are absolutely outstanding! I love how they taste, make me feel, and improve my health. Let Little Apple help you drink your way to a vibrant life.


– Kriss Carr, New York Times best selling author Crazy Sexy Diet & Crazy Sexy Kitchen

I have had the pleasure of working with Holly in the Fitness and Wellness Industry for the past 6 years as a Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Coach. Holly is truly dedicated to helping people learn how to implement healthy habits into their lives! She is especially passionate about nutrition and always coming up with creative and delicious ways to recreate the standard smoothie or salad, redefining fast food as we know it! She always goes above and beyond in everything she is involved with and is 100% committed to her clients.

I’ve hired Holly in my fitness studio on multiple occasions as a Nutrition Coach. Her knowledge, paired with her sincere care for client’s personal goals and their unique circumstances, has always resulted in success! Most recently I have finished a 3-day juice cleanse through Little Apple Cafe. This cleanse was SO organized and well presented, making it very easy to follow. My favorite juice – El Fuego- was a perfect mix of spice and Grapefruit—All Completely unique and delicious. I will definitely be stopping by for more!!


– Lauren Trippodo Fitness, Kingston, NY

Stopped in at this cute little cafe for a healthy bite to eat. I absolutely LOVED my fresh pressed juice and my lunch was super fresh, clean & delicious! The staff is very friendly too… always an added bonus! Highly recommend!!!!


– Krystyn Rapoli

Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Fully Fit LLC


If you haven’t checked out Little Apple Café yet you are missing out! The best juices, smoothie bowls and cozy atmosphere with fantastic staff. Go try their Peanut Butter and Jealous bowl for starters and you will be hooked.


– Toni

I had the Little Apple Salad and it was delicious.

– Linda

I just finished my 3 day juice cleanse and all I can say is WOW!!

During this quarantine I’ve over indulged in alcohol and sugar so I figured what did I have to lose. I have to admit I was skeptical at first (especially after seeing the ingredients of the juices) but after my second juice I was hooked… And they all are delicious!! I had more energy, I wasn’t bloated, I was sleeping better and my skin definitely started glowing … Today is my first day without the juices and I really miss them. I love the Master Blaster and Dr Norms Elixir… I want to do this once a week I loved it so much!! Thank you Holly!!

– Susan

I just completed my 3 day corecleanse from Little Apple Cafe. Let me start by saying never in my life could you have convinced me to do a cleanse, however this quarantine has had me feeling yucky enough to need what I labeled a RESTART. You know being stuck home for 60+ days will do that to you. Eating more sweets because what else do you do in quarantine beside bake? Eating too much comfort food on top of the sweets and cue the sluggish, bloated, cranky me. I expected to hate drinking juice for three days and thought for sure I’d give up! I am also not a juice drinker. I drink my coffee in the AM and water or seltzer during the day so no way could I drink juice all day. I was WRONG all WRONG!!!! I was pleasantly surprised how I enjoyed the fresh pressed juices. I liked the mix of flavors in each one. I didn’t think I could go without my coffee , again wrong ! I felt a natural energy from just the juice. I was also surprised how if I followed the schedule I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t feel the low blood sugar shakes I often get when it’s 2pm in the afternoon and I have yet to eat for the day. So three days of pressed juice and I did it! The completion alone made me happy because let’s face it, I often start things and then say screw it 🤷🏻‍♀️ My results ? Less sugar cravings, skin looked great , lost 3.5lbs but what was most noticeable was the loss of bloat. I felt great and my kangaroo momma pouch was down ! I feel like since then I’ve been craving good food and sleeping well! Moral of the story : when your body is letting you know it needs your help, invest in yourself and RESTART!

– Marissa

I decided to do the CoreCleanse 3 day juice cleanse from the Little Apple Cafe in Woodstock with my wife. She had read a lot of good things about it. First off, I am not a very health conscious guy, thought I really need to be. I was not 100% I could get through not eating for 3 days, I have never tried anything like that before. My hope was to get my system reset to start a longer healthy eating process. Well it worked! I really enjoyed the juices and never felt hungry for the 3 days. I lost some weight and felt less bloated. My energy levels were up and I felt nothing but optimism that this CoreCleanse would and will help me feel and look better. For someone who has never even drank fresh pressed juices, I am hooked.  I look forward to stopping in to the cafe and grabbing some of my favorites and seeing what else the juice world has to offer! Thanks Holly and the Little Apple Cafe!

– The Cahills