Little Apple was established in 2012


Our juices are RAW, WHOLE, FRESH and delicious! They are loaded with all the enzymes and nutrients that your body craves and requires to function at its best. Our juices were carefully crafted to offer our customers the most incredible and delicious blends of fruits and vegetables, from the truly green “Green Lemonade” to the sweet and tangy “Super Detox”, our juices are free of all preservatives and chemicals and are loaded with flavor, vitamins and nutrients.

Our Menu includes fresh juices, superfood smoothies, acai and smoothie bowls.

We like to think of a visit to Little Apple as an experience like no other and we take great pride on making the experience one for people of all ages.

Little Apple Café is a quaint spot in the heart of Woodstock, NY that has a beautiful outside patio. We use the entire inside area for production of all our delicious handcrafted menu items and serve them “To Go Style” from our patio window.  Our goal is to offer our customers a welcoming environment to enjoy the fresh, robust flavors of all of our products from local and organically sourced ingredients.

Our focus is to get people of all ages eating healthier as well as having a better understanding of how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. Our delicious cold pressed juices, acai bowls and superfood smoothies are proof that eating healthy can be not only beneficial, but also enjoyable!