Woodstock, NY  

Little Apple was founded in 2012.  Its flagship retail store, located at 21 Tinker Street in downtown Woodstock, offers local residents and visitors from around the world healthy and delicious cold-press juices, FROZEN yogurt-based superfood smoothies and HEALTHY snacks, both sweet and savory.  An outdoor patio, adjacent to the store, allows residents and visitors to sit and enjoy their food and drinks outside during the warmer months.

Little Apple’s second retail location, located at 364 Warren Street in Hudson, NY, will open in the Spring of 2018. The Hudson location also has a large outdoor patio space adjacent to it.

The original founder of Little Apple, Jo Olsen, stated, “I continue to enjoy working with the new owners.. They have the time, resources and expertise to expand this healthy concept to consumers throughout the region so more people can enjoy our healthy and delicious offerings.”

We plan to expand the number of Little Apple retail locations in the Hudson Valley and beyond.  

In addition to its retail business, Little Apple’s wholesale business plans to grow sales of cold press juices, snacks, and new food products under development through retail chains in the Northeast.  

“Sustainably grown foods are the rational alternative to the “frankenfoods” manufactured by global corporations. These manufactured foods have contributed to the declining health of Americans. We want to do our part to improve the health of Americans by developing and distributing healthy, sustainable foods to a wider consumer audience. In the final analysis, if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.”